Lights, Camera… Fashion!

Happy Tuesday Avenue’rs

What an eventful week it has been… I have so much to tell but first things first, Fashion Update!

Kenilworth race course has become, by far, one of the most fashionable destinations.This past weekend Kairos Events successfully hosted their first ever #WinterWonderland Fashion show. Guests were treated to a runway presentation as the models lit up the catwalk, showcasing an explosion of Local African flavour and cutting edge designs. It goes without saying Kairos Events had curated the ultimate Fashion Fantasy.  

Special appearance 

Mr Colin Don Schouw (Media personality and radio host) with Mr Larry English (celebrity photographer)  


The Glitz and Glamour were but only a few of what Kairos Events had to offer. Here are a few of my favourite pieces from various designers. 

Special Thank you to CJ Jackson for giving these talented young designers a platform to showcase their work. 


All images posted were captured by me 

Stay at your best 

xoxo Kim 


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