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I.Will.What.I.Want – UnderArmour

Many of you may not know this but I was quite the tomboy in my day, you’d never say that right? Well before I discovered lip-gloss and glimmer shadows, baggy track shorts and sprint spikes were my thing! Growing up I’d never dreamt on being anything else but Marion Jones (former world champion track & field athlete) apart from the performance enhancements of course, unfortunate for me, life as we you know it threw me a curve ball and even though I may not have pursued it as much as I wanted to, I have learned so many life lessons through my journey as an athlete and despite the odds i Willed myself to where i am now and it ain’t stopping there, that’s for sure!

_SNG1962     _SNG2042

A recent collaboration with Under Armour SA allowed me to get back into the swing of things, fitness things that is, after all bikini season is around the corner, which is evident with all the snow on the mountains (-_-) still, I had reason to tie my hair back slip on a pair of trainers and work on my unique physic.


The Campaign

Misty Copeland being the face of Under Armour, the first female of colour to be a Principal Ballerina at the American Ballet Theatre – that didn’t come easy – Most woman can relate, whether you are Light Skinned or a Chestnut or even a Mocha, we have all dealt with rejection, some more than others. What I love about the “I Will What I Want” campaign it does not only allow females to feel comfortable in what they wear, even if it’s during your fitness regime but empowers and embraces their inner strength.

If that wasn’t enough Under Armour Women recently launched their latest fitness campaign “UnlikeAny” link  a new “Global campaign celebrating women who are beyond compare”. 




About this look

UnderArmour Ladies print stripe leggings – Figure hugging and super comfortable, they are great pant to transition from workout to errand.  

UnderArmour Full zip hoodie – Light weight and best of all they are fleece lined, perfect for those those winter warmers. 

UnderArmour Grey & neon yellow trainers – Comfortable + cushioned for trail runs

Mr Price Sport Bralette – Supportive and functional for everyday workouts 

Shop the look here: Shop Underarmour


Photo’s captured by: Nico Kinnear photography

Book here – Nico Kinnear 

xoxo Kim 

Stay at you best 




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